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La Delicious Bread is a French bakery focused on making freshly baked bread and pastry every day. Our soft and crunchy baguettes, along with all of our pastry items, are made with ingredients (such as the flour used for the dough) imported straight from France to give you an even more authentic French taste.

We strive to create the best freshly baked bread and pastries with our talented and patient chefs so that our customers can enjoy a taste of France right here in the Twin Cities. Our baristas also do their part in brewing a variety of hot coffee to help you start your day, or pair well with any of our bread and pastry dishes. We look forward to serving, engaging, and growing with our community and customers so that we can provide a taste of french culture that people will love.
Baker Brandon Vang comes by his love of French baking and bread almost instinctively, having been born in a Paris suburb at Longjumeaux Hospital. Brandon’s family moved to the U.S. when he was still an infant to pursue their American Dream. However, his Hmong parents had grown up in Paris and brought their love of French cuisine and baking with them. The family settled in Eagan where Brandon grew up and graduated from Eastview High School. Baking, however, was not in his immediate future. Instead, he earned an IT degree from Brown College in Eagan. As he entered the workforce, Brandon, like his father, realized that he was attracted to independence, entrepreneurship, and the food business.

After establishing himself as a talented sushi chef, Brandon’s father recognized his son’s entrepreneurial talents and proposed partnering to establish an authentic French bakery. For Brandon, that first meant extensive credential training in Paris at the acclaimed international baking school, Ecole Boulangerie de Paris (EBP). Then, for the past several years, Brandon developed, expanded, and perfected his baking expertise both in the U.S. and France. All with the support of his family. Perseverance, workdays that start at 2 am, and the stress of becoming a distinguished French baker have proudly culminated in La Delicious Bread Bakery, where Brandon showcases his exceptional, authentic French baked creations daily. In partnership with his father. For Brandon and his father, “It’s a dream come true. God bless America!”C’est bon!


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